Kaikanten - Gryllefjord

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Kaikanten as
N-9380 Gryllefjord

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Torsken Kommune


Welcome to Kaikanten and Gryllefjord
Experience the environment of Northern Norway at its best by taking a trip to Gryllefjord!
Gryllefjord is situated on the west coast of Senja, and is a characteristic intimate and cosy fishing village. The village has about 400 inhabitants, and is surrounded by grand mountains. Senja, which is Norway’s second largest island, is known for its magnificent nature, amazing fjords and charming villages.

The nature on the west coast of Senja is extreme, and is
an experience in itself. The island has a variety of rocks and stones, but also nurtures a variety of birds and butterflies. In addition, during a cold and clear winter night, the Northern Light’s flight across the sky might just take your breath away.

On Kaikanten you can unwind from the stressful everyday life by taking a fishing trip out at sea. Or, maybe you want to hike in the mountains or fish in small picturesque sweet-water lakes? Either way, Kaikanten is a perfect starting point.

The bays and inlets surrounding Gryllefjord are worth a visit, and a picnic on one of the secluded beaches is strongly recommended. Recommended is also taking a drive across Senja to experience this island’s varied nature. Another adventure would be to take the ferry boat, “the Whale Route”, to Andenes – where it is possible to join a whale-safari, etc.

If you find this intriguing, stop by Kaikanten in Gryllefjord: Here we offer accommodation in modern seaside houses. We can provide information about interesting hikes, good fishing spots and other sights to see on our beautiful island. Anything to make our visitors more than happy that they chose us!